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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Acyclovir Pharmacology and Indication

Acyclovir Pharmacology and Indication - Acyclovir is acyclic purine nucleoside analogue active against herpes simplex virus, varicella zoster, Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus. In the cell, undergo phosphorylation acyclovir acyclovir triphosphate into an active form that inhibit the herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase and viral DNA replication, thereby preventing viral DNA synthesis without affecting normal cell processes.

Acyclovir Pharmacology
Acyclovir is an antiviral agent highly active in vitro against herpes simplex virus (HSV) types I and II, and varicella zoster virus. Upon entry into the infected cell, the phosphorylated form of the active compound Acyclovir Acyclovir trifosfate. The initial phase of the process depends on the enzyme thymidine kinase viral-coded. Acyclovir trifosfate act as inhibitors and as a false substrate for the herpes-specified DNA polymerase which prevents viral DNA synthesis without affecting normal cellular processes.

Treatment of herpes simplex virus infections of the skin and mucous membranes including initial and recurrent genital herpes / recurrent, herpes zoster (shingles / shingles / shingles). Preventing recurrence of herpes simplex infections in patients with strong immune systems. Preventing herpes simplex infection in patients with poor immune systems.

Another acyclovir pharmacology is a treatment of herpes simplex virus infections of the skin and mucous membranes including initial and recurrent genital herpes / recurrent, herpes zoster (shingles / shingles / shingles); preventing recurrence of herpes simplex infections in patients with strong immune systems; preventing herpes simplex infection in patients with poor immune systems.

Acyclovir Indication
Acyclovir indication such as treatment of herpes simplex virus on the skin and mucus membranes, including initial and recurrent genital herpes; treatment of herpes zoster and varicella infections; treatment of infections caused by the herpes simplex of the skin and mucous membranes including initial and recurrent genital herpes, herpes simplex infection prevention in immuno-compromised patients; treatment of herpes zoster infection.

Artikel di atas adalah contoh artikel bahasa inggris tentang farmasi berdasarkan artikel request via facebook. Anda juga dapat melakukan request artikel dengan mengunjungi halaman request artikel.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Foods That Cause Acne - Foods That Cause Acne. Acne is one of the most hated enemy by everyone, especially women. Acne is not including a dangerous disease. But its presence is very annoying, though acne is not harmful but should we treat and handle well.
Acne is caused by clogged pores due to overactive oil glands. Although many medical experts who denied any connection between acne with the food we eat, there's no harm in avoiding some foods that supposedly can trigger acne.

Here are some foods can cause acne:

1. Sugar and Chocolate
Chocolate may be one of the most food trigger acne. Archives of Dermatology published a study which explains that the food has a high Glycemic Index scale, usually in processed carbohydrates such as sugar can cause the appearance of acne due to increased hormone levels.

2. Milk
Some studies show a high milk intake may be associated with the appearance of acne. A Harvard study found that teens who drink milk more than two servings a day are more likely to suffer from severe acne. That is because the increase in growth hormone which causes the sebaceous glands in the skin become clogged.

3. Iodine
Iodine may be one factor in the appearance of acne, such as skin oil glands which can irritate skin that is prone to acne. Iodine can be found in fish and shellfish because sea water contains iodine. In addition other sources comes from iodized salt which is a component of several types of canned food.

4.Caffeine and Alcohol
Caffeine is considered to trigger the appearance of acne because it can affect hormone levels produced by the body. Some sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. In addition, alcohol also causes an increase in hormones, particularly testosterone can cause acne more often.

5. Food Allergy Triggers
Skin problems often arise due to food allergies, especially milk and eggs. Acne appears due to the immune system tries to fight the poison that is felt. An allergist has diagnosed and confirmed the relationship of food allergy with severe acne.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Characteristically Acid
Some fruits and vegetables that are acidic can cause the appearance of acne, such as carrots, cucumbers, oranges, and lettuce. The acidity of the body can cause the appearance of acne, because it should be avoided.

Those are some foods that can trigger the onset of Acne.
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Curly Hair Care Tips - Curly hair care tips. Curly hair have different types. Big curly hair, curly frizzy curls up like a sausage that is very circular. Because various types of this, curly hair has a lot of problems because every person has a curly pattern that is different.

According YouBeauty, experts do not know clearly why there are many types of hair. Curly hair care tips too different. But definitely, the shape of your hair follicle curly-haired, has a bag of curly hair and also hair protein (keratin) that exist in the base of the hair will affect your hair type. All hair types will grow twisted, whatever your hair type. Will get curly hair if its wave number is growing.

Curly hair care tips

Keep the humidity
The owners of curly hair is highly recommended to maintain the hair moisture. In order for curly hair more smooth and gentle to use a deep conditioning treatment twice a month. If your hair is dry, do not wash too often, try to only twice a week.

Be careful Drying
You must be careful to handle curly hair. Avoid using too coarse towel when drying your hair or wrap your hair with a towel to absorb the excess water wash.

"Curly hair must be dried slowly, but if your schedule is too dense for it, wipe with a soft towel and make sure your hair does not fall apart when rubbed," advises celebrity stylist Kristan Serafino. "If curly hair is touched with the rough - or worse combed - will cause your natural curly hair matted instead."

Citing Conectique, you should dry the hair with your fingers, with or without a fan. The result will make the hair become more organized and flexible.

Do not touch
When using curl enhancer products like cream, gel or mousse, follow the pattern of your hair curly, rotate from the middle to the ends of your hair, advice Serafino. "When hair is dry, then you should apply new silicone serum on the ends of your hair to soften curly pattern and make it more shiny," he added.

Once laid out, do not touch your hair again because the more you play, your hair will actually grow tangled. Thus curly hair care tips, may be useful for you.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mesothelioma Fact - Mesothelioma Fact , Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that occurs in the thin tissue that lines most of the internal organs. Asbestos is the cause of about 90 percent of all mesothelioma cases. Asbestos is a mineral found in the neighborhood. Asbestos fibers are strong and resistant to heat makes it very useful to be applied to a variety of needs. People who work in environments polluted many asbestos fibers have a greater risk of exposure mesothelioma.

When asbestos split, asbestos dust is formed. If dust is inhaled or swallowed asbestos fibers will then settle in the lungs or in the stomach and can cause irritation that causes mesothelioma.

Some people who over many years exposed to asbestos pollution can not have mesothelioma, while others the opposite. This indicates that other factors may be related, namely the hereditary factors do you have a family history of cancer in some people is a condition that increases the risk.

Risk factors that may increase the risk of mesothelioma such as:
• Exposure to asbestos fiber dust pollution
• Living with someone who works in an environment with asbestos (the asbestos fibers are attached to their clothing or skin)
• Smoking
• SV40 virus is found in many primates
• X-ray radiation
• Family history with mesothelioma

Many people who experienced mesothelioma exposed to asbestos fibers while working at places such as:
• Mine
• Factory worker
• Manufacturing of electronic components
• Construction of rail
• Shipbuilding
• Construction workers
• Mechanics

Prevention :
• Beware if you work in an environment with asbestos
• Follow standard safety regulations
• Do not use objects that contain asbestos in your neighborhood

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Symptoms and Causes of Mesothelioma - Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that occurs in the thin tissue that lines most of the internal organs (mesothelium). The doctor divides mesothelioma into several types based on which part of this cancer occurs.
  • Pleural malignant mesothelioma, which occurs in the tissue lining around the lungs and is the most common type.
  • Peritoneal mesothelioma, occurring in tissues that line the stomach.
  • Pericardial mesothelioma, occurring in the tissue lining around the heart.
  • Mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis, occurs in the lining around the testicles
The symptoms of Mesothelioma

Signs and the symptoms of mesothelioma varies based on where the cancer occurs.

Pleural mesothelioma, signs and symptoms include:
• Shortness of breath
• Pain when breathing
• Pain when coughing
• Pain in the lower rib
• an unusual lump in the chest under the skin layer
• Lost weight suddenly
• Dry cough

Peritoneal mesothelioma, signs and symptoms include:
• Pain in abdomen
• Swelling in the abdomen
• Changes in bowel movements, such as more frequent diarrhea or constipation
• Lump in the tissues in the abdominal area
• Lost weight suddenly

Other forms of mesothelioma
Signs and the symptoms pericardial mesothelioma and tunica vaginalis are unclear. On health , there is no complete information about this. Pericardial mesothelioma have signs and symptoms that may include difficulty breathing or chest pain. While mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis can be detected first by the enlargement of the testicles.

The Causes of Mesothelioma

In general, cancer occurs when cell DNA mutation. This mutation makes the cells continued to grow and flourish while others have normal cell cycles of life and death. Accumulation of cancer cells can form a malignant tumor.

It is unclear what causes the initial genetic mutations that lead to mesothelioma although scientists identify factors that may increase the risk. Cancer may result from a combination of several factors, such as heredity, environment, health condition and lifestyle.

Benign pleural mesothelioma
Benign tumors that form in the chest sometimes called benign mesothelioma. But the term is misleading. Benign mesothelioma is not started on the same cell where the cancer is formed. And in some cases kacil, benign mesothelioma can be very aggressive. For this reason, some doctors now prefer to call this tumor as a solitary fibrous tumor.

Solitary fibrous tumors usually do not cause signs and the symptoms. It is unclear what caused the solitary fibrous tumor, but tumors are associated with asbestos contamination pollutants. Treatment for solitary fibrous tumors usually includes surgery procedures.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Human Brain Need Vacation - Doing the same routine every day will lead to saturation and the brain can not work optimally. There are 4 reasons that make the human brain needs a vacation.

A study conducted by the Families and Work Institute found that doing a vacation like going to museums or the beach nearby is important for the brain.

Here are 4 reasons that make the holiday becomes important for the brain, as quoted from

1. Improve Memory
Dr. Russell Poldrack as director of the Imaging Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin said the holiday will provide a new experience, this condition will make the brain responds by releasing dopamine into the hippocampus (part of the brain that creates a memory or memories). This will improve memory and help protect against Alzheimer's disease.

2. Enhance creativity
American and French researchers found the holidays can increase the ability to solve problems, raise awareness of the connection is lost and to encourage people to try something new. This is because vacation facilitate the mind's creativity.

3. Sharpens concentration
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh reported that people with serious health conditions tend to take less time thus increasing the levels of stress hormones. Poldrack said when someone is tired, then the prefrontal cortex will be overwhelmed due to the amount of stress hormones and makes one lose focus or concentration.

4. Provide rest time
The study found 2-3 days after the holiday people will have a rest time and a higher quality sleep, it can even be increased to 80 percent. Quality sleep can improve memory and brain health.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Got Kids Can Make Healthy -Baby is a beautiful gift given by God. Almost every married couple must have longed for the presence of the baby. However, in some situations, there are some couples who deliberately delaying to have a baby. But, you know that the baby's presence will make your life healthier.

Here are some health benefits that you can get with the presence of a baby in the middle of your life:

1. Lowering your blood pressure
A new study from Brigham Young University found that becoming a parent can help you lower your blood pressure. Researchers studied 200 couples who had been married to monitor blood pressure for 24 hours. The result, found that couples who have children, her blood pressure will be significantly lower than those without offspring.

2. Mental Health
According to a growing confidence in today's society, children often make parents become stressed due to their mischievous behavior. However, the results of research in the Mental Health Foundation, Taiwan, showed the presence of the child's parents will only make it look more mentally healthy. A new organization has interviewed 1084 randomly selected families, and found that the mental health of families with no children 6.4 points lower than those with children.

"The results show that people who have children are happier and have greater emotional satisfaction than those who do not have children," said Tom Yang, a researcher of the study.

3. Updating knowledge
Anyone with children can prove that the words are often spoken of a child is "why." Children are basically always have a great curiosity, such as, "Why do cats' eyes shine at night?" "Why smell so fresh after the rain, "and so forth.

As a parent, you should certainly be able to answer any questions posed little one with a reasonable answer. Indirectly, you have been directed to polish their knowledge with re-learn something.

4. Child as an excuse
Many single men who often complain that their friends who are married and have children is very difficult to be invited to hang out. This happens because most parents use their children as an excuse to shy away from social activities that are not desirable.

5. Improving self-esteem
Anyone who has a child will feel proud and satisfied when his son gave a positive speech, for example, "You are the best dad in the whole world". Remarks such as this will certainly have a profound effect on your self-esteem as a parent. This allows you to complete all forms of work, which according to your estimates were previously impossible, possible.

6. Happier
The parents have long assumed that an offspring will make them much happier. Recently, there is a study that supports the claim. A study by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic found a direct correlation between the presence of children and the happiness of parents over the age of 40 years.

Researchers surveyed 200,000 people in 86 countries between 1981 and 2005 and found that at age 40, parents with 1-3 children feel a lot happier than couples with no children. Even when the age of 50 years, parents who have children will be happier than couples without children. This finding is not surprising. The reason, most parents will be easier to care for children when they grow up.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Danger of Smoking in the Morning - Smoking in the morning, especially accompanied by a cup of coffee, has become a ritual that hard to break. However, these habits seem to need to be stopped from smoking at the beginning of the day is more dangerous than smoking on the day or night.

Research shows that smoking after waking up would increase the risk of lung cancer, neck and head. "Morning smokers have high levels of nicotine and other toxins from tobacco in his body. They are also more addicted than smokers who refrained from smoking a half hour or so after waking up," said researcher Joshua Muscat of Penn State College of Medicine.

To find out why some smokers get cancer and not, Muscat and his team examined the link between cancer risk is there with the habit of first cigarette in the morning.

The first study involved 4775 patients with lung cancer and 2835 of other smokers without lung cancer. Those who smoke 30 minutes after waking up 1.79 times higher risk of suffering from lung cancer than those who waited more than 60 minutes. Meanwhile, those who smoked 31-60 minutes after waking up had 1.31 times the risk compared to those who wait at least an hour.

The second study involved 1055 people with brain and neck cancer and 795 people who smoked but did not suffer brain and neck cancer. Those who smoked within 30 minutes when you wake up 1.59 times the risk of brain and neck cancer compared with those who waited an hour.

The risk of smokers who smoked 31-60 minutes after waking up 1.42 times than those who wait at least an hour.
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Fry Healthy Tricks - Fry is the best way of cooking is not recommended by most nutrition experts because it adds to the fat content in foods. Then, what we then have to stop eating fried crisp, crunchy, and tasty it?

It seems impossible for most of us, especially the tongue pristine Indonesia. Let me not feel too bad, let us follow the various tricks. So we can bite the kemripik fried, without piling up bad fats and excess calories in the body.

Fried food product is not completely "bad" for our bodies because it still contains nutrients. In fact, the nutrients in foods that are fried suffered minimal damage to more than the food is boiled, baked, steamed, and other processing methods. Protein content in fried foods are also relatively intact for almost the same as the raw materials.

However, the oil or fat content of fried foods is higher than the raw materials. That is why we are often advised not to eat fried foods did not increase blood cholesterol levels.

We also need to choose cooking oil savory flavor, stable or not easily rancid, and nutritional value, such as unsaturated fatty acids are high. However, be reminded that the unsaturated fats will be broken at high temperatures and can turn into trans fats, which can cause blood cholesterol levels rise.

Almost all types of oil containing saturated and unsaturated fats, just different levels. According to data from the POS Pilot Plant Corporation, Canada, coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids of about 91 percent, while the unsaturated fatty acids of 9 percent; palm oil 51 cent saturated fat; 49 percent saturated fat; peanut oil (19:81), soybean oil (15:85), olive oil (15:85); corn oil (13 `.87), sunflower oil (12:88), canola oil (7:93).

Smoke Point Height

Oils with high smoke-point (at high temperatures is not easy smoky), indicating a good quality oil. Smoke point is the temperature when the oil is heated before exiting the smoke, and discolored; which is an indication of changes in the composition in the oil. When it will issue oil smoky odor and make food taste so bad makanah. The temperature when frying to be precise. If the oil has not been hot, the food is immersed, will cause the food to absorb too much oil.

If it is too hot, fast food will burn while the interior is not yet ripe. After frying, the food better-drained (can be with a special paper) to reduce the levels of oil.

There are several ways to fry, namely shallow frying or frying with a little oil is suitable for meat or food is sliced ​​thin. That uses a semi-deep frying oils with a high half of the fried ingredients; suitable-for thicker pieces, such as cakes. Fry with lots of oil (deep frying) suitable for fish, chicken, croquettes, etc., while sauteing (stir frying) uses very little oil.

Tips on cooking oil so durable:

- Frying washed and dried properly.
- Use a stainless steel pan, avoid copper materials.
- Drain, drain, remove the clot of ice on food to be fried.
- Heat the oil slowly and enter the food setefah hot oil.
- Note the temperature of the frying pan, so food does not absorb much tothe oil.
- Clean the sediment or crust (food scraps) in a frying pan.
- Add the oil so that the ratio of oil: the material adatah 6: 1.
- After frying oil is cooled and then filtered.
- Keep container closed datam oil, in the dark and cool.
- If you want to use, add fresh oil
- If the form of foam berartu damaged oil, contain toxic substances and should be discarded.

New Oil Change

In order for fried foods that we make at home to stay healthy, do not hesitate to change the oil.
When cooking oil should be replaced with a new one?

- If you have changed color to brown, even black.
- Smelly, very strong, much less rancid.
- Excessive smoke at normal temperatures.
- Appears Excessive foaming around the food being fried
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treating Congenital Heart Disease Children Without Surgery - Along with technological advances in medicine, children with congenital heart disease (CHD) is no longer necessary to have an operation or surgery. Non-surgical interventions have been carried out many pediatric heart centers, including in Indonesia.

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a problem that is quite prominent in the field of child health. One in 100 babies are born suffering from CHD, ranging from the types of mild to severe or complex. With the number of births of about 4.5 million per year today, then in Indonesia is estimated no less than 45,000 newborn babies will have that congenital heart disease.

PJB contributed importantly to the high infant mortality rate in the country, including developing countries such as Indonesia. About 30 percent of babies or children who suffer from congenital heart disease should have surgery in the form of corrective action or actions on the optimal timing of intervention, so that children can grow and develop properly.

Without Surgery or No Surgery
Children with CHD should have suffered the most of the operations which of course had no small risk. In addition to very cause concern to parents and families, action open to orperasi heart (with bypass) in children requires an adequate range of facilities ranging from operating rooms, intensive care unit (ICU), as well as educated and trained professionals, such as cardiac surgeon, anesthesiologist , perfusionis, and skilled care. In addition, pediatric patients also require longer treatment than adult patients. Additionally, the surgery will leave scars on your chest surgery or chest wall.

Along with technological advances in medicine, particularly in the field of interventional cardiology children (interventional pediatric cardiology), most children with CHD no longer need to have surgery or surgery. Some of CHD are frequently found, such as a PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), ASD (atrial septal defects), and VSD (ventricular septal defects) can be corrected by using the 'tools' in the form of coils or Amplatzer occluder.

Interventions for CHD
Some of CHD can be corrected with the Amplatzer occluder, among others:

PDA (patent ductus arteriosus)
PDA is an abnormality in the channel that connects the existing blood vessels in the heart (the aorta and pulmonary artery). PDA occupies 5-19 percent of the portion of existing CHD cases and more common in girls.

Currently the treatment of PDA with interventional procedures (Transcatheter closure) is a method selected from the last decade. Unless the size of the PDA is not suitable, eg too large or occur in small babies, including newborns.

PDAs require closure to prevent the occurrence of heart failure. Closure is done by using a device (Amplatzer Duct Coils and Onccluder) through the usual procedures such as cardiac catheterization. Many studies dilakakukan at the heart of the service centers around the world show that non-surgical PDA closure procedure is very effective with a success rate to 99%.

ASD (Atrial Septal Defects)
ASD approximately 19% of all congenital heart disease. Often show no clinical symptoms, but if it is severe the child will show symptoms of shortness of breath, rapid fatigue and exercise intolerance (skills activity) decreased. First, ASD should be corrected with surgery using an open surgical procedure (open heart surgery), with a heart-lung machine, which of course had no small risk.

Today, ASD closure technique without surgery by using a device (Transcatheter closure) is one option that has been a lot done around the world with very satisfactory results. ASD closure using the Amplatzer Septal occluder (ASO) has been widely reported to show high effectiveness and safety.

VSD (Ventricular Septal Defects)
CHD is the type most often found in children with percentages around 20% -25%. VSD can cause increased blood flow to the lungs so that it can cause heart failure. VSD closure with interventional procedures using the Amplatzer occluder ventricle (AVO) is an alternative treatment without surgery.

VSD closure using AVO was effective and safe, but need to watch out for complications in the form of impaired flow of blood vessels in total on the atrioventricular (AV block). These complications can occur due to installation of the AVO with a size larger than the size of the defect.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Foods Lower Blood Pressure - Banyak tema yang bisa digali untuk dijadikan artikel bahasa inggris khususnya tentang kesehatan. Judul yang dipilih kali ini adalah How Foods Lower Blood Pressure. Artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan ini tergolong singkat hanya terdiri 5 paragraf pendek-pendek. Yang perlu di perhatikan adalah alur dari deskripsi artikel itu sendiri tetap menarik dan memberi kesan baik bagi para pembaca.

Berikut preview dari artikel tentang kesehatan dalam bahasa inggris berjudul How Foods Lower Blood Pressure, semoga dapat memberi ide untuk pembuatan artikel yang bermanfaat tentang tips-tips seputar dunia kesehatan.

Contoh artikel bahasa inggris tentan kesehatan terbaru.

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Best People To Ask About Lung Cancer -
When it comes to obtaining information about lung cancer, asking other people for first or second hand experience often helps significantly. Apart from the facts we can read about lung cancer and what our doctors tell us, it is also helpful to learn as each case may have valuable information to add to what you know.

If you are looking for more information about lung cancer, here are some of the best people you can ask:

• Your doctor is the first person you should go to for lung cancer. Cancer doctors know the latest in medical research and technology to provide you with the most up to date information on the disease as well as treatment options. They can also provide you with helpful advice on prevention, treatment, and living with cancer. Doctors can also refer you to the best institutions in the country where you can go to for the latest technology and information about lung cancer.

• Support groups are especially helpful in obtaining first and second hand information about lung cancer. Listening to other people’s stories, such as those who are battling lung cancer as well, can provide insight on treatment that they are going through, and how they are coping. The emotional and moral support provided in these groups has been seen to have a profound effect in helping people fight the disease together. Support groups may also have members who are dealing with the loss of loved ones from lung cancer, and this will also help with coping.

• Nonprofit organizations dedicated to the research about lung cancer will also have significant information that will be of value. They can provide the latest statistics, information, and treatment options. Nonprofit and lung cancer research foundations will also have information on any programs that may need participants and volunteers, so if you are looking to help shed more light about lung cancer, they are your best bet.

• The family or friends of those who are living with cancer are also good people to talk to for more information about lung cancer. They can provide helpful insight on how to live with victims of lung cancer, and the more sources you have, the more information you can get for various stages of lung cancer.

• If you want firsthand information, you can inquire about lung cancer from a lung cancer patient. Mind you, but many patients are open about it and they can supply you some vital information especially those based on their personal experiences.

These days, there are many resources for data about lung cancer. Ask around your local neighborhood or community on medical resources, people, or support groups that you can approach. The internet also has a vast directory of resources dedicated for those who want to know more about lung cancer. Your local library should also have a wealth of information and studies on the topic, which can help you determine treatment options if you are suffering from lung cancer or are a relative of a victim.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss a Fad? - Contoh artikel bahasa inggris kesehatan kali ini bertema weight loss, salah satu tema paling hot dalam kategori kesehatan. Masalah penurunan berat badan memang menjadi topik hangat karena banyak orang sudah semakin meningkat kesadaran tentang arti kesehatan sehingga mengkhawatirkan tentang hal ini. Judul yang di unggah dalam artikel kesehatan dalam bahasa inggris
ini adalah Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss a Fad?

Berikut detail artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan yang berjudul 'Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss a Fad?'
Semoga dapat menambah wawasan dalam pembuatan artikel tentang kesehatan dalam bahasa inggris. Tetap jaga berat badan ideal anda ya :)

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Determinants of health - Lagi-lagi kami akan membagikan kumpulan artikel bahasa inggris bertema kesehatan. Bagi para pemburu artikel tentang kesehatan dalam bahasa inggris di bawah ini diberikan contoh dengan judul Determinants of Health. Artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan juga merupakan tema yang banyak sekali sisi yang bisa dikupas bisa dari sisi kesehatan umum, pendidikan, teknologi medis, maupun tentang informasi penyakit baik pencegahan maupun pengobatan. Artikel ini lumayan panjang silahkan untuk digunakan sebagai bahan latihan belajar bahasa inggris, diharapkan artikel ini dapat menginspirasi anda untuk dapat membuat artikel sejenis.

Contoh artikel bahasa inggris bertema kesehatan dengan judul Determinants of Health. Artikel di bawah ini dibagi dalam dua bagian preview, selamat belajar!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Think Before You Bite - Kumpulan artikel tentang kesehatan terbaru. Bagi yang ingin mencari artikel tentang kesehatan berikut ini ada sebuah contoh artikel yang cukup menarik dengan judul Think Before You Bite. Artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan akan menarik jika berhubungan dengan keseharian. Contoh berikut ini adalah salah satunya. Artikel ini dibuat sebagai bahan pembelajaran bahasa inggris terutama dalam hal pembuatan artikel, sehingga nantinya dapat dijadikan bahan latihan agar dapat membuat artikel secara menarik dan terstruktur. Silahkan berkreasi dengan ide-ide yang lain, selamat mencoba.

Contoh artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan 'Think Befor You Bite' silahkan di-preview di bawah ini:

Bagi yang ingin mencari artikel kesehatan dalam bahasa inggris lainnya bisa ditelusur kategori di samping kiri blog ini. Selamat menjelajah.
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Struggles With Losing A Flabby Stomach - Artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan kali ini akan mengurai tentang perjuangan dalam mengurangi perut lembek agar tampak lebih langsing. Berikut contoh artikel yang diberi judul Struggles With Losing A Flabby Stomach. Semoga artikel kesehatan ini dapat menambah wacana tentang pembuatan artikel bahasa inggris khususnya yang berhubungan dengan tema kesehatan.

Silahkan download atau sekedar preview kumpulan artikel bahasa inggris kesehatan ini untuk menambah koleksi artikel bahasa inggris anda sebagai sarana belajar dalam pembuatan artikel.

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